Buying a house is arguably the biggest investment of your life. These are a couple  crucial pieces of advice to take into consideration before purchasing your home.

1. Credit Score

One’s credit score is an important factor in the mortgage Pre-Approval process. Simply, the higher your credit score, better the chance you have to get approved for a mortgage. The lower your credit score is, it makes it tough for the bank to want to lend you money.

2. Mortgage Pre-Approval

A mortgage pre approval tells a homebuyer what they can afford. Once you provide the appropriate documents to a lender they can guide you in the right direction. Having a Pre-Approval in today’s market is crucial, as waiving the financing condition on an offer makes your offer a lot stronger!

3. What kind of house are you looking for?

Get familiar with houses in your price range. Take into consideration what you need and want. Children, highway access, malls, hospitals are only a couple things one should take into consideration when buying a home right for you!

4. Real Estate Agents!

In the frenzy of realtors available in the market, you need to find the right agent for you! It doesn’t harm to speak to multiple realtors and see who you best connect with. It is crucial for one to understand the duties of a realtor towards their client, so we highly suggest doing some research beforehand!

5. Communication and Research

Communication between a client and his/her realtor is one of the most important things in your quest in buying a home. Have it clearly set out what you are looking for, what you need/want in a house. Agents should send their clients potential listings via MLS. Home buyers don’t be shy to also look yourself and let your agent know what you have found during your own research. An agent and client need to work as a team!

6. Found what you like and time to pull the trigger?

This is the time to make an offer! The most exciting and nerve racking time when attempting to purchase a house! Sit with your agent and make a plan. See what you want to put down on the house. Are there any conditions you want to put on your offer? (i.e financial approval conditions, inspection). These are conditions you can put on an offer but like previously stated, another person can present an offer with no conditions. An offer with no conditions will be a lot stronger in the eyes of a seller than an offer with conditions! Just things to consider…

7. Offer accepted!

Congrats! You have purchased a new house. As the closing date nears stay on top of things! You are allowed to visit your house prior to the closing. Check if any problems have arose since the time your offer was confirmed. If there are issues, contact your agent and lawyer immediately!

8. Closing the deal!

Now that the closing is near, this is the process where the ownership (title) of the property gets turned over to your name. Your lawyer will be taking care of this to ensure there isn’t any issue in doing so. Make sure you ask questions to your lawyer, agent if any issues or confusion arise.